Getting the Message Out: DHRN 2nd Annual Student Conference

The DHRN recently held it’s 2nd Annual Student Conference: GETTING THE MESSAGE OUT with keynote speakers, Janice Ollerton and Chris Molineux.

The winners of the the following winners in the PowerPoint slide/poster competition are:

  • For best PowerPoint Slide presentation, the winner is: Mineko Wada, for her slide on “Perceptions of Balance of Dual-Income Parents” (Slide #10).
  • For best Poster presentation, the winner is: Grace Boutilier, for her poster presentation on: “The Segway Personal Transport: Alternative Mobility?” (#12)

View Len Atwood’s  workshop powerpoint presentation,  "Making your powerpoint really deliver."

Highlights of the conference will be published in the Link which members will receive in the mail next month. If you are not on our mailing list, you can register at


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