Deadline: March 16, 2021

The Disabilities Health Research Network (DHRN), a Michael Smith Foundation Health of Populations Network, is providing a number of graduate student / honours senior undergraduate student travel subsidies in 2009 for travel to national and international conferences. Please note the following subsidy eligibility requirements: a) the thematic content of the conference attended must relate to disabilities health research; b) the student must be a registered conference attendee and poster or paper presenter; and c) students will be asked fully complete the application form, which includes a brief (150 words) description how their research/conference participation relates to the DHRN core value of making BC disability research a priority.

Students should submit the application form, including their signature and the signature of their academic program’s Department Head or official designate, to the DHRN Kelowna office by the deadline date indicated above. Students will be advised of their application’s status as soon as possible after the DHRN review process has taken place.

We welcome applications from all applicable discipline categories.

To ensure that you meet eligibility criteria please fully complete all sections of the application. As outlined earlier, the DHRN Graduate Student Travel Subsidy for Conference Participation is to be applied specifically to conference registration, travel and accomodation costs for the student(s) while participating at international or national conferences related to disabilities health research. For further details, or if you have any questions, please contact Sylvie Zebroff, DHRN Director of Programs at or call 250.807.8793


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