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Disabilities Health Research Network

This is an Invitation to Join DHRN
Making BC Disability Research a Priority

What are the benefits to becoming a DHRN Member?

Membership benefits (in development over the next year) include:

  • Updates on upcoming funding opportunities and research developments
  • Collaborative Research Exchanges - to promote and foster skill development in the disabilities health research community and facilitate collaborative research between community and academic researchers
  • Participation, Cooperation & Facilitation (PCF) Workshop Program for Fall 2006 - LOI Deadlines on September 30 and December 31, 2021
  • Access to travel bursaries to attend DHRN events
  • Access to DHRN web pages - special features, Event calendar, media links and information relevant to the disability research community
  • Opportunities to network with disability health researchers and community partners and organizations throughout BC.

Becoming a DHRN Member

The participation of disability health researchers, the wider disability research community and community partners is critical for our Network's success. We invite you to become a DHRN member (it's simple and free) and help make a difference in the lives of persons with disability.

You have several options for membership and DHRN participation levels. You can connect immediately here to the DHRN Join Us Page for further information on DHRN membership and membership in other areas of potential research interest within the Michael Smith Foundation Health of Population Networks initiative. Our DHRN Coordinator will then contact you to provide further details about membership. You can also access the relevant membership forms immediately here: simply choose Researcher Membership or Community Membership. Once completed these membership forms can be submitted electronically to dhrn.info@ubc.ca,.

Or forward by mail to:

Disability Health Research Network, UBC Okanagan, Arts 368B, 3333 University Way, Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

or: fax +250.807.8001, Attn: Sylvie Zebroff.

In progress, August 2006