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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a DHRN Member?

Joining the DHRN is easy - just fill out the online DHRN "Join Us" Form and our DHRN Coordinator, Sylvie Zebroff, will contact you regarding the next simple step to membership.

Is there a fee to join?

No. Membership is free.

What are the benefits to becoming a DHRN Member?

Membership benefits (in development) include:

  • Updates on upcoming funding opportunities and research initiatives
  • Collaborative Research Exchanges - to promote and foster skill development in the disabilities health research community and facilitate collaborative research between community partners and academic researchers
  • Participation, Cooperation & Facilitation Workshops - Letter of Intent forms are available now, for September 30 and December 31st deadlines
  • Access to travel bursaries to attend DHRN events
  • Access to DHRN web pages - special features, funding opportunities, media links, job opportunities, our EVENTS Calendar and other information relevant to the disability research community in BC and beyond
  • Opportunities to network with disability health researchers and community organizations and partners throughout BC

Who should join?

We invite anyone with an interest in disability health research to become involved in the DHRN.

  • Members of BC's research community working in disability health research
  • Community organizations and partners interested in disability health
  • Students or trainees interested/involved in disability health research
  • Individuals with an interest in disability health research

Are there different categories of DHRN Membership?

Yes. You can choose your level of involvement in DHRN initiatives. There are two categories of membership:

Once you have completed and submitted the online DHRN Membership Form, our DHRN Coordinator, Sylvie Zebroff will contact you about membership opportunities.

Where is the DHRN located?

The DHRN is a provincial network. Its two Co-Leaders and Coordinators are based in Vancouver, BC (BC Children's Hospital, GF Strong Rehab Centre) and Kelowna, BC (UBC Okanagan). The Advisory Committee has representatives from the Lower Mainland, Northern BC, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island.

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Last updated June 26, 2021