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Disabilities Health Research Network

Vision, Mission & Goals


To develop and maintain an integrated, multidisciplinary, and BC-based network that fosters high quality research and facilitates valuable connections within disability health research community to better the lives of Canadians with disability.


To increase knowledge about biological, psycho-social, and community related factors in order to minimize further impairment, improve levels of ability, and enhance community participation of persons with disability.


  • Facilitate the links and interactions of BC, Canadian, and international researchers whose work affects the lives of persons with disability
  • Foster innovative Network initiatives that result in more students and junior researchers joining the disability research community and conducting research on disability
  • Increase the scope and quality of research for persons with disability and nurture the development of aspiring original research on disability
  • Promote a network that is closely tied with the disability community and seeks direction from those community partners to produce research that has utility to our community partners
  • Link and promote disability researchers and community partners throughout the challenging geography of BC
  • Develop and/or enhance common research themes in which Network members are willing to invest

The demographics of disability and the relative lower levels of research and external funding successes of disability health researchers in BC are a reality. With proper leadership, membership, initiatives, and funding, the DHRN represents a critical opportunity to change that situation.

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Last updated August, 2006