DHRN Speaker Series / DHRN Video Project

Deadline: August 1, 2021

Eligibility Criteria:

The Background
At the DHRN’s 3rd Annual Conference and AGM Meeting,  disability & Technology: Qualities of Connection held on March 14th, 2008 we asked our members to take part in making plans for the future of the DHRN. This included making decisions about future directions, funding strategies and program development. Members were also asked to come prepared to share ideas about the development of a DHRN Speaker Series and a DHRN Video Project. We asked you how the DHRN could better facilitate research, who and how a speaker series might work best, and what exciting video project would assist your organization or community group to promote, train, or recruit researchers within the disability health research field. The results are in, and we wanted to share them with you! What’s more – we need YOU to join us in making these projects happen, when and where they should.
Getting Involved
 Please contact our Speaker Series/Video Project Coordinator, Levi Gahman, at levig@interchange.ubc.ca for details on funding availability, project participation and coordination support. Get your name or organization involved, gain experience and credit, widen the profile for your group or research, and contribute to information-sharing in the disabilities health community. Results will be displayed in You Tube format and posted on the DHRN website.

(Production Funding & Coordination Support Now Available) $5,000 will be awarded towards the production of the video Length of Video: approx. 5:00 minutes

• Effective Use of Emerging Technology
• Ready to Roll? (WC's in Nursing Homes)
• Disabilities Awareness
• Fine Arts and Disability
• Disability Research Integration


(Sponsorship Funding & Coordination Support Now Available)
Honorarium, Travel Expenses Coordination Support Provided

• Self-Advocates – Panel of Presenters • Kelly Smith
• Panel Discussion of FASD Youth Speakers
• Christine Gordon
• Disability Studies Scholars – Panel of Presenters
• Susan Wendell
• Bonnie Klein • Simi Linton
• Rita Charon

Each Speaker or Panel – 2 Site Minimum Presentation


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