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Linkedin is a professional worldwide online network established to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with like-minded people. We have formed the “Disabilities Health Research Network” group on Linkedin and would also like to invite you to join us here. This will enable a larger – worldwide – network the opportunity to share and connect around disabilities health research work. To join, we would like to invite you to create your profile by going to:

Once your profile is created, you can join our group by simply searching for the Disabilities Health Research Network and requesting to join. An e-mail will be sent to you as soon as the request has been approved by Dr. Bonita Sawatzky, DHRN Co-Leader. Dr. Sawatzky has agreed to facilitate the DHRN Group after the discontinuation of the DHRN on March 31, 2010.

It is with sadness that we see the current DHRN go but our hope is that you will assist us to take what we have built together and move it forward in a different form. You can help by entering your information on both the DHRN legacy website Experts Directory and Linkedin. Together we are stronger in fostering health research which creates more meaningful change and innovation for those living with disabilities.