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The Disabilities Health Research Network (DHRN) formed in 2005 with a view to create collaboration among researchers, clinician/practitioners and the community to better the lives of Canadians living with disability. The DHRN is one of eight Health of Population Networks created as a result of funding through the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR). The DHRN is proud of the network that has been built. Due to funding constraints, however, the MSFHR is no longer able to fund the networks and the DHRN will officially close on March 31, 2010. The DHRN would like to continue the collaboration that has begun through a website legacy and the formation of a group on LinkedIn, a free web-based service which allows ongoing conversations between approved participants. We sincerely hope that you join us as the DHRN evolves into an even more collaborative model of continued conversation. This conversation will need your input in order to be sustained.

The DHRN website legacy site will house, among other things, a directory of people with an interest around disabilities health research. So that the DHRN connections can continue to grow, we would like to invite you to be involved as a participant in the LinkedIn conversation. If you have disability health research expertise, we would like to invite you to post your contact information on the DHRN experts directory so that our collaboration may continue. Simply go to this link to enter your profile: