Wendy Creelman

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Wendy Creelman

Live Work Play Consulting Inc.

p: 250-448-5019
e: wjcreelman@gmail.com
w: www.liveworkplaybetter.com


Wendy is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University while running her business, Live Work Play Consulting Inc. Her areas of focus include health promotion, social marketing, partnerships, collaboration, branding, strategic planning, community, volunteerism, physical activity, active living, event planning, communications, public relations and work life balance. She serves as the Kelowna-Lake Country Returning Officer for Elections Canada, Director for the Kelowna CMHA and LinkedIn Group Leader for the Okanagan Communicators Network. Her goal is to continue to grow her business around leadership and communications.

Disability Health Area of Focus:

I was the Disabilities Health Research Network Communications Officer.

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