Suzanne Lewis

University of British Columbia, BC Child & Family Research Institute

p: 604-875-2157


Suzanne Lewis is a pediatrician and Clinical Professor of Medical Genetics at UBC, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at Queen's University, and Senior Clinician Scientist and Co-Director of the Autism SPectrum Interdisciplinary REsearch (ASPIRE) Program of ASD-CARC ( centered at UBC and Queen’s University. Dr. Lewis is a Clinician Scholar supported by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research whose translational research expertise complements the collection and interpretation of phenomic and genomic data central to the collaborative ASPIRE and ASD-CARC programs.

Disability Health Area of Focus:

Our work integrates a translational clinical genetic model of autism and neurodevelopmental disabilities research, offering new insights for early diagnosis, understanding molecular and clinical relationships and pathways leading to optimal individualized health management and outcomes for persons and families living with autism spectrum conditions. Specifically, our research focuses on the discovery and characterization of genomic copy number variants (CNVs), integral genes and clinical endophenotypes associated with autism spectrum and related neurodevelopmental conditions. Such endophenotypes serve as clues to the physiological causes and the identification of more reliable biomarkers of ASDs, for applications to earlier diagnosis, intervention, optimal health management and function across the lifespan.

Area of Expertise

Developmental disabilities Intellectual disabilities


Administrator Educator Practitioner/clinician Researcher


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