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University of Victoria (UVIC)

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Abebe Abay Teklu is the first blind person known to have obtained a Ph.D. from any of British Columbia’s universities. He is originally from Ethiopia and speaks seven languages fluently. Currently, he is teaching at the graduate level in the Educational Psychology and Leadership Department, University of Victoria, Canada. He has a strong research background in the area of leadership and diversity. He uses his privilege as an academic and his racialized, immigrant and disability status to inform his research, teaching, and cross cultural work with minority issues and communities. While obtaining a Masters degree in Social Work (Studies in Policy and Practice), Dr. Teklu used prosopography to explore the process of achieving unity and reconciliation in newly-forming ethnic communities. His doctoral research in Education concerned family dynamics among disabled ‘high achievers’ who were struggling to achieve employment (full citizenship). Abebe Abay Teklu has taken a leadership role in establishing supportive cultural communities for immigrants and others in Canada, and also in achieving social justice and equal opportunity for people with disability. His email address is: or

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