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Mary-Doug Wright

Apex Information

p: 604-731-8562


Mary-Doug brings to her clients extensive expertise and experience conducting environmental scans and comprehensive literature searches in all areas of health care and the social sciences for systematic reviews, critical appraisals and health technology assessments. Clients are in the public, non-profit and private sectors and include academic research centres, national and international consulting firms, decision-makers, health care providers, and independent researchers. Mary-Doug’s areas of expertise include health services, policy, economics and planning and the social sciences, including education and social services. She has been an active participant in conceptualizing and developing the librarian business unit for a telehealth startup and in the development of the workflow model of the company’s user interface, for both unit managers and patients/clients. In addition to conducting literature searches, she helps clients identify experts, and writes synthesis reports providing an overview of existing literature and knowledge. Mary-Doug holds a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from the University of Alberta. She obtained her Master of Library Science from the University of British Columbia in 1991, having received an NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship in Science Librarianship and Documentation to conduct her studies. Since earning her M.L.S., she has been working as an independent information specialist and is Principal of Apex Information.

Disability Health Area of Focus:

All areas of disability and ageing, including mental illness and developmental disabilities; health policy; social policy; evidence-based healthcare.

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