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About the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) operates as a non-profit society and is funded by the provincial government to build British Columbia’s capacity for health research excellence. Since its inception in 2001, MSFHR has distributed almost $163 million in funding awards for salary support to individual health researchers and research trainees across British Columbia. MSFHR has also committed a total of nearly $40 million in health research infrastructure through three main award programs:

  1. Institutional Infrastructure;
  2. Research Unit and Team Infrastructure; and
  3. Networking Infrastructure.

The goals of MSFHR’s infrastructure support programs are to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of researchers in British Columbia, and to help create a vibrant and sustainable health research environment that is recognized for excellence, responsive to BC’s health needs, and beneficial to the provincial economy.

MSFHR’s Networking Program is specifically designed to link researchers and resources in British Columbia to assist in:

  1. Building capacity across health research applications, institutions, organizations and regions;
  2. Facilitating and enhancing BC's national and international competitiveness for funding and research productivity; and
  3. Enhancing the potential for knowledge transfer and policy impact.

Extensive consultation in the health research community and planning of the health of population networks began during winter/spring 2004. Proposals detailing the implementation plans for eight networks were submitted to MSFHR for review on November 1, 2004. MSFHR convened a Formative Review Panel to review the proposals and provide constructive feedback and recommendations to help position the networks for success. The panel included health researchers from outside of BC with experience in developing networks and other research programs. In January 2005, MSFHR commenced infrastructure funding to eight health of population networks. A progress analysis report was prepared in 2006 by the MSFHR to evaluate the progress of all networks and a client satisfaction survey was conducted in 2008.

For a backgrounder on the Health of Population Networks click here.