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Beirnes, Kimberly - Write Up

2009 Round 2

The Canadian Human Genetics Conference in Harrison Hot Springs proved to be both memorable and truly valuable for me. It was the first such scientific symposium that I have had the opportunity to attend. For the first time, I was forced to explain my research to fellow scientists able to look at it with a critical and unbiased eye. This not only forced me to understand the project as a whole better than I had previously but it helped immensely when we began identifying holes in the research in preparation for publication.

I was also able to attend presentations given by some of the finest geneticists in Canada which not only broadened my knowledge of the field in general, but taught me about some new techniques that could potentially be applied in future projects.

The conference was also invaluable in terms of the connections I made. I met researchers from all across Canada and was able to ask them about the work they do. When I begin looking for future lab placements, it will give me a much better idea of where to look.


International Award Winners: Chen, S., Faradaji, F., Gaudet, A., Hewapathirane, S., Inskip, J., Mikhail, D., Mills, P., Ramer, L., Simonette, G., Yiu, J.., Zwicker, J.
National Award Winners: Bundon, A., Hume, A., Lige, S., Schiarti, V.