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Zwicker, Jill - Write Up

2009, Round 2 International Award

Thank you so much for the Disabilities Health Research Network’s Graduate Student Travel Subsidy for international conference participation.  Your generosity allowed me to attend the DCD VIII:  Developmental Coordination Disorder International Conference in Baltimore, Maryland without the financial burden of covering registration, air travel and hotel accommodation.  I cannot thank you enough.

My presentation at the DCD VIII:  Developmental Coordination Disorder International Conference met the DHRN core value of facilitating “the links and interaction of BC, Canadian and international researchers whose work affects the lives of persons with disability.” This bi-annual conference brings together researchers from all over the world to share and discuss the latest developments in our understanding of developmental coordination disorder (DCD). Twenty-four countries were represented at this particular conference.  I had the good fortune of having the first podium presentation after the opening keynote address, so all the participants of the conference were present for the presentation of my doctoral research results.  My work was well-received and I received good feedback on both the content and delivery of my presentation.  In fact, two weeks after returning from this conference, I was invited to give keynote addresses at two international conferences in York, England next July (one conference is the British Developmental Coordination Disorder Conference and the other is the UK National Handwriting Association Conference). Attending presenting at DCD VIII has been a pivotal milestone for me to become known in the international DCD research community and beyond.

Thank you again for your financial support.


International Award Winners: Chen, S.,  Faradaji, F., Gaudet, A., Hewapathirane, S., Inskip, J., Mikhail, D., Mills, P., Ramer, L., Simonette, G., Yiu, J.
National Award Winners: Beirnes, K., Bundon, A., Hume, A., Lige, S., Schiarti, V.