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Mikhail, David - Write Up

2009 Round 2

Needless to say, my trip to the ISCoS (International Spinal Cord Society) Annual Research Meeting this year was a once in a lifetime experience. Not only did I have the privilege of interacting with many of the world’s leading physicians and researchers in the field, but I got to do it in Florence, Italy! During my trip, I learned about the future of SCI (spinal cord injury) management and treatment and was even able to present my research on cardiovascular dysfunction in SCI athletes. Although I was anxious about my presentation, the audience was very receptive and many approached me who are able to help us with many of the projects in our labs. However, the best part of my experience was networking with individuals with similar interests from all over the world, recognizing how they do things differently and what we can learn from each other. In the end, I am really thankful to the DHRN for giving me the opportunity to truly advance myself in the field.


International Award Winners: Mills, P., Ramer, L., Simonette, G., Yiu, J., Zwicker, J., Chen, S.,  Faradaji, F., Gaudet, A., Hewapathirane, S., Inskip, J.
National Award Winners: Beirnes, K., Bundon, A., Hume, A., Lige, S., Schiarti, V.