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DHRN member perspective:

"I hope that there will be a way of continuing the connection for those who want to."

"A great example of pulling together the consumer, the researcher, the community etc. thank you for all your hard work."

"Increased my ability to network, helped refocus my research work and goals."

"It has been essential to my development, both personal and professional."

"This network has been excellent for facilitating network opportunities for my graduate students."

"The DHRN has provided me with many opportunities to build partnerships with community members around disability health research."

"The DHRN has helped my research work immensely, from providing networking opportunities and facilitating collaborations, to undertaking excellent educational seminars and conferences."

"Enabling networking and face-to-face contact with others doing disability research - an interdisciplinary field which is very dispersed and hard to make contacts in."

"The DHRN has provided a great opportunity for graduate students like myself to network with either PI's or other graduate students and has allowed me to expand my own field of study."

"Provided access to information that otherwise would be very difficult to find."

"Connected me to experts in my area of interest."

"The DHRN travel scholarships provide a unique opportunity for students to attend international conferences that may not otherwise be possible. This experience cannot be underestimated."

"New research presented at the conference was incorporated into my practice."

"Participation, Collaboration, and Facilitation funding allowed for the networking of stakeholders around two tri-council grant proposals: a successful SSHRC funded grant on the residential option of "Home Sharing" for adults with intellectual disabilities and a re-submission of a CIHR catalyst grant focusing on inclusion, healthy aging, and intellectual disability."