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  • Provided seed funding to thirteen (13) Principal Investigators at provincial post-secondary institutions for Participation Coordination and Facilitation projects that connected over 90 co-investigators and community partners and provided important skill development opportunities for at least twenty three (23) graduate students. 
  • Funded ten (10) Community Research Exchanges-facilitated partnerships between 10 senior researchers and 10 community-based organizations.  These allocations included twenty-three (23) community partners and provided training opportunities to five (5) graduate students. 
  • Provided internships for four (4) graduate students.
  • Facilitated three (3) Graduate Student Conferences and four (4) Annual Conferences providing skill development and networking opportunities.
  • Provided forty-nine (81) Student Travel Subsidies with a total value of $78,000  to national and international conferences where students presented their research and networked with others in disability health research.
  • Sponsored four (4) Graduate Students participated in Quebec BC exchange
  • Organized the DHRN Speaker Series – presented three (3) speakers on disability related issues
  • Developed a DHRN Video Library: twenty-three (23) DHRN Member Profile videos, five (5) member funded disability related videos, a DHRN Promotional video, five (5) DHRN Annual Conference videos, five (5) DHRN Student Conference videos, nine (9) DHRN Student Poster Presenter videos, and three (3) DHRN Speaker Series videos.
  • Communicated with 504 subscribers to the DHRN e-newsletter on a monthly basis.
  • Produced quarterly Link newsletters that were mailed to members.